5 easy tips for your upcoming exams

Have you ever studied for long hours during the day and then struggled to recollect the subject matter? Do you enter the exam room nervous and unprepared? If so do not panic, below are 5 quick tips that may help.

Avoid procrastination

We all have been found guilty of this a few times. Procrastination is your biggest enemy during exam season. How do you solve this problem you ask? Well that’s simple. Stay organised by planning your time well. Be sure to make yourself a study timetable to keep yourself on track with the pending work load. Key to any exam is to study well in advance, this allows one to cover a larger scope of work without late-night cramming.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Visualise your body as a motorcar and like a vehicle, your body needs fuel to power it. Proper meals with good vegetable portions are said to help us focus. Not only is food important, but so is staying hydrated all the time. Water refreshes the body and helping to retain information.

Test yourself

Students often make the mistake of only reading over their study material and this generally makes it easier to forget the work you spent hours trying to revise. Asking yourself questions after any given section of work is known to be effective in remembering.  Create a challenge for yourself, even though it may be hard at first, you will gradually notice your hard work paying off.

Find a study zone

No noise and technology mean no distractions. You have to stay focused and finding a suitable place to study will do the trick. Distractions are all around and once we give in to these temptations we lose track of our goals. Find a comfortable place where you can study without noise and if you can, visit your nearest library. There are studying facilities all around if you look. Be sure to make use of all your resources.

Take a break

Do not overwork yourself. Taking a break is just as important as studying, because it allows our brains to retain information and prevents us from tiring out too soon. During the exam periods you need to be well rested. This will increase your performance and overall mood. Taking a break can also ease the anxiety that students might be facing.

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