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Agriculture isn’t only about growing fruit and vegetable crops and rearing animals to provide the world’s population with food. Instead, it includes raising livestock and preparing animal products, such as fabrics, for people to use. For example, cotton, wool, (animal) fibre and leather are all agricultural products.

Agriculture in Africa: What Does our Future Look Like?

Africa is home to 60% of the world’s arable land – it is considered an important centre of agricultural production. It has enormous potential to meet our own food needs and those of other countries on other continents. But several factors are changing the environment in which our continent’s agriculture operates and are leading to huge concerns around food security. (Food security means that not all people have access to safe, affordable and nutritious food.) Science Stars looks at what has changed over the years for our continent, how we are coping today, and what the best way forward is.

The Power of the Potato

Potatoes South Africa has stepped up to the plate with the #PassthePotato initiative which was first launched in December 2021. This initiative aims to encourage South Africans to donate potatoes to those in need, and to challenge friends and family members on social media to do the same.

All About Agripreneurs

can young talent transform farming? And is farming really the way to go? Let me introduce you to the term “agripreneur” – a combination of agriculture and entrepreneurship to help tackle the world’s pressing issues like unemployment, climate change, food insecurity and more.

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